Like a Local

During your stay in Rhodos you ‘ll definitely be brainstormed with information about the hundreds of activities to do and places to visit. The famous websites and platforms surely contribute to many unique ideas, reviewed by thousands, so you won’t miss a shot from our island’s beauties.

However for those of you who would like a more “inside” peak, to feel a bit more Greek for a whole week, here are some tips n’ spots to check out that nobody else (we can assure you) would even think to suggest to you!

Looking to tone a bit with a quick training session? You can grab a pair of rackets and head straight to Elli beach from 6 to 8 pm for a sweaty match with the locals just a step away from the sea line. Don’t forget to check out the sunset with your post workout banana.????

Another alternative for our hardcore training fans is the outdoor gymnastics park above the walls of Melina Merkouri medieval theater.

Looking for a romantic scenery with your other half? You can’t miss the sun falling inside the turkish mountains while on top of Monte Smith hill at the top right corner (the bench).
For the same feeling but with the chance of a dive between some isolated large rocks, check Kato Petres beach.

When it comes to food, surprisingly, the most well reviewed restaurants in the centre are also some top picks for the locals. The most famous ones are those in the ‘100 Shops’ area. Don’t forget to have a tour at all the surrounding ice cream and gelato shops after too.

The tens of villages in the southern part of the island, during the winter become pretty isolated, so you ‘ll rarely find locals who visit them. However a hike to Tsampika church (300+ stairs) although hard, will surely satisfy you with the magnificent view at the top.

No matter what you end up choosing, mainstream or alternative, Rhodos island is surely going to leave you breathless, wanting for more.
As most of our friends keep saying before they hand us their roomkeys… one time is really not enough.